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Colby Shawn is a 4th Generation Shawn from Wise County

and more specifically from Precinct 4. He has lived in Precinct 4

for over 40 years. Colby and his wife, Nyree, have one daughter,

Skylar, and one son, Cole. They have also been blessed with son-in-law,

Zack, and grandson, Riggs. Colby enjoys spending time with his

family and likes traveling when possible. He is also a Harley Davidson

enthusiast and likes to ride on the weekends. Colby is also

frequently seen wheeling around Bridgeport in his jeep.

He is active in the jeep community and recently chaired the

committee for Bridgeport's Christmas in July Jeep Festival. 


Colby is co-owner of Ink N Stitch in Bridgeport with his

business partner, Scott Hiler. They founded Ink N Stitch in

2004 in Decatur, Tx. In 2006, they moved the business to Bridgeport and for almost two decades have been working with businesses, schools and the community to provide customized marketing solutions. 

Colby's professional career has been in store and corporate management with companies including Walmart, The Paradies Shops and AMF Bowling. His background with these companies was in Management, Internal Audit and Loss Prevention. In his time with these companies and Ink N Stitch, he has developed valuable management skills and gained extensive knowledge in budgeting and planning. Colby also spent time working for a real estate development company in which he gained hands-on experience in platting and building residential developments. 


Very active and involved in his community, as a child you could see Colby playing youth sports and then later coaching his kids. He has always been heavily involved in youth organizations whether it was mowing or striping soccer fields,  scheduling or refereeing games. Colby continues to serve the youth of Wise County today by helping with the Blue Ribbon Bash, which has raised over 580K and he serves at the Wise County Youth Fair. Never backing down from a challenge and leading multiple organizations is something Colby has always been passionate about. Below is a list of some of the committees and organizations he has served. 

Colby currently serves on these:

  • President of the Bridgeport Buyers Association

  • City of Bridgeport Main Street Board

  • Wise County Youth Fair Board

  • BISD Districtwide Education Improvement Council

Past Organizations:

  • President of Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce

  • Look Local Wise County Task Force 

  • Chair of Bridgeport Housing Authority

  • One of the Founding Members of Wise Youth Ag Syndicate

  • President of Bridgeport FFA Booster Club

  • Commissioner on City of Bridgeport Planning and Zoning Board

  • Butterfield Stage Days PRCA Rodeo Committee

  • Soccer Commissioner - Bridgeport Youth Association

  • Chair of Bridgeport Main Street Board


Transparency & Accountability
I believe the more transparent we are in government, the more trust and confidence the public will have in our office. I will be accountable for the decisions made while in office and will be transparent with my actions.

Open and Honest Communication

I will make myself available by phone and email 24/7 to listen to your needs and concerns. I will also use social and digital means to keep the public informed of what is happening in our county/precinct, and services that are available to the taxpayers. 

Community Partnerships

I have always been big on partnerships in my professional and personal life. Relationships play a major role in those partnerships. I will partner with the communities to develop relationships between the county and our communities. 

Relationships matter to me!

Colby's career experience has prepared him for this elected position. He is ready to serve the taxpayers and lead Precinct 4 with the passion and dedication he has exhibited with every service opportunity in the past. 



"I have always enjoyed being a servant leader in my community, working with the city’s political, civic, and business leaders.  I am asking for your vote to allow me to serve the taxpayers of Wise County and Precinct 4."



Colby Shawn subscribes to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

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